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  • Overland Srl is a family-owned anodizing aluminium company located near Milano, Italy, and we have been in business since 1946. Our special feature is to provide continuous anodizing process on aluminium coils. We are one of the few companies in Europe able to operate with this process, that ensures the absence of hanging/racking marks and the achieving of an homogenous surface, not easy to obtain with the typical batch anodizing process. 
  • Overland owns two automated continuous anodizing lines. The cycle is developed through the successive stages of cleaning, pre-treating (etching or brightening), anodizing, colouring and sealing.  Additional services are slitting and cut-to-lenght. 
  • The range of applications is wide, from architectural to industrial and decorative. Nameplates and signage industries are also frequently served by us. The aluminium can be delivered in coils or cut into sheets and strips, and it's available in a variety of dimensions and anodic film layers, depending on the customer's needs.Overland is able to supply from small quantities of materials to full trucks. Customization and fast delivery are our commitment.  

We are already exporting to Europe, South America and Middle East: with over 60 years of experience in the aluminium industry, our high qualified team can assure the standard of quality and the know-how necessary to meet your needs. 



Overland Srl – Via Pinturicchio 6, 20060 Mombretto di Mediglia, Italy 

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